Josephine x Sistie - Earrings Gold-plated

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Josephine x Sistie – Earrings in Gold Plated Sterling Silver
''For as long as I can remember, I lived in the belief that I had to be perfect and look perfect. The pursuit of "perfection" did not give me a perfect life'' - Josephine
Gold-plated Josephine x Sistie Earrings are designed with a pendant in a smooth and raw surface, which creates a detailed expression. Beautiful earrings that go well with both parties and everyday life. Josephine has designed this collection with all her facets – perfect and imperfect. Her jewelery is both smooth and rough on the surface to symbolize Josephine's entire journey. Not only the polished, perfect sides, which were the ones she only dared to show before, but also the unpolished, crooked, imperfect sides.
The earrings measure 11mm in length

Gold-plated (18kt.) sterling silver.
♻️ 100% recycled and nickel-free sterling silver 925. Jewelry boxes are made in FSC-labeled packaging
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